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everyDUB-E is finally here to feed your sci-fi addiction the proper way!   Once it's installed you will be in charge of triggering earthquakes in the neighborhood using massive sound waves. 

Sent Back From The Future

everyDUB-E is a new kind of software that gives you control over kickass electronic sounds in an astonishing sci-fi environment that till this time could only be seen in the movies!

When you open everyDUB-E (simply from an icon on your computer's desktop) it will make your computer look like it was sent back from the future where mankind uses this program for their daily dubstep routine.

Well, this paradox can only be explained by the very convincing and entertaining atmosphere of the sounds and loops that everyDUB-E has in its sound library.

It has thousands of high quality samples of robot transformees, robot speeches, dubstep wobbles, epic synths and sound effects, breathtaking real human vocal pieces and more.

Sounds and beats can be selected and loaded easily from its 4GB sound library in the cloud and they can be controlled very intuitively with immediate success even for those who never had the chance to try out any interactive music equipment or program before.

everyDUB-E works on any kind of Windows computers (a bit older or new) and it can be controlled with the mouse so no touch screen or any further hardware is needed at all to use it. (If you have touch screen it can be used of course but it is not a requirement.)

The sound libraries of everyDUB-E (Extract from the owner's manual)

everyDUB-E is connected to an awesome 4 gigabyte versatile and ready to use sound library in the cloud. There are many thousands of true-stereo High Definition wave files utilized as you select and load Synth Sounds, Loop Kits, Power Drums and Ammo Packs.

Each sound and beat has its own unique and agile stand-out and musical meaning that was done by a very time consuming note by note wave sampling process.

Every time you select and load a Synth Sound or Loop Kit you will load a high def music studio spirit with it that was deliberately captured during the making giving a recognizable, rich and sophisticated presence to the overall sound of everyDUB-E.

The 200 Synth Sounds use up the half of the 4 gigabytes of wave files because each Synth Sound has many dozens of small pieces of sounds.

Of course everyDUB-E has 400 Electro Loops that are organized into smart music sequencing systems called Loop Kits. Each of the 25 Loop Kits have 16 loops (and 16 pads) divided into 4 patterns.

Browsing trough the 25 Loop Kits you will meet with 100 Power Drums as well that also load together with the Loop Kits, always a unique set of 4 Power Drums in each Loop Kit. These are individual heavy weight electro drum samples plus they are even multi-layered which means that each sample contains already many core drum sounds so you will definitely have those punchy dubstep snares and fat kicks that you might look for.

Plus you have 160 Effect Samples grouped together in the 16 Ammo Packs listed from 201 to 216 in the Synth Sound library.

These samples are highly saturated and complex in their structures, more than perfect for vitalizing your music jams with some fearful cyber tremors, glitches, oscilos, arps, zaps, blasters, lift offs, up-n-downs, robot speeches, robot transformees, brainies, dubstep wobbles 'n grobbles.

The manual continues extensively, revealing everything about the usage of everyDUB-E.
The manual is of course included in the download package of the program.

What can everyDUB-E deliver to you: